Got a question? Check out the FAQs below. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, then hit us up!

What is RIDE?

RIDE is your 100% kiwi-as, kiwi owned & operated trip app. It makes getting places easier, faster and makes you feel good, cus we give back to our communities, which means you do too, every time you ride with us! (See what we did there?)

Cool but... why should I care that RIDE is kiwi owned? 🤔

You don't have to, but it would be cool if you did, cus us kiwis have a really fine tradition of caring about each other. We have each other's backs when stuff gets tough. So that means we support each other, right? We believe in supporting each other, supporting our economy and making sure as much of your money as possible doesn’t go to overseas companies who don’t pay their fair share to kiwis. RIDE is 100% kiwi owned, which means we pay our drivers fairly, we pay our GST and tax, we donate money back to our local communities and we are working to keep your dollars in kiwi pockets.

What makes RIDE different?

We think kiwis deserve a fair shake. If you scratch our backs, we should scratch yours. We want our passengers, our drivers, our communities and our people to all be better because you chose us, which means we do our best to look after everyone in that equation. We're doing things like using the best possible software to ensure drivers and passengers are connected and everything is transparent - where you are, where you're going and what you're paying for.

Alright - what about safety?

Every single one of our drivers have the required license to carry passengers. They have all been Police checked and we make sure they all measure up to our standards. Every single RIDE trip is GPS tracked at all times, and we monitor every aspect of the trip….driver work hours, speed - you name it, we can track it. If you aren't happy, for any reason, let us know through the feedback option in the app and we will look into it.

What about the climate?

For every single trip you take in a RIDE car, we plant a tree. True story. By our calculations that means we plant way more trees than we need to in order to offset the C02 emissions for your trip. We want NZ to be above water for as long as possible, so hopping in a RIDE is kinda like doing your thing to help the environment - minimal effort involved - just hop in & go!

What about the community?

We bang on about this all over our site, we know... but, we will be working in the community, and on the community. We will support registered charities in the regions we operate in - and if you check out our online booking form, you'll even see some charities you can choose to donate to. If you think we have missed a worthy community cause, then let us know through our contact page, or hit us up on Facebook.

What about the drivers?

Our drivers are rad, and we believe they deserve to earn a decent living. Unlike some international corporate overlords, we do everything we can to ensure our rad, kiwi-as drivers get paid a fair amount for their hard work. Good guys don't finish last here!

Where can I find a RIDE?

At the moment we're in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin, but we have grand world domination plans (ok, NZ domination plans), so we'll be expanding before you know it!

If I choose to donate extra, how much will go to the charity of my choice?

100% of it. Your extra charity donation is 100% all going to the charity you choose. We donate to charities ourselves, so any extra you choose to donate means more money for the community good!

So I can choose which charity gets a donation from me?

Yep, there's two ways.

When you book online you'll see there's an option to choose a charity to donate an extra amount to. These are the charities we are currently donating to.

BUT, every month we will have a monthly poll available on our website (coming soon) so that everyone can have a say in where the funds go.

Sometimes we might make a decision without the poll if something is urgent and we think most people will support it - for example, if there's a natural disaster here in NZ.

How do I become a driver?

Head over to the "Drive for Us" page here on the website. That tells you everything you need to know!

Where can I download the RIDE app from?

Search for RIDE in the App store (iOS) or the Play store (Google). Otherwise, there's two neat little links in the footer of the site that will take you straight to the app on the store of your choice!

Can I book online?

Sure can! Just head over to our "Ride with Us" page and use the booking form at the bottom of the page.

Can I book over the phone?

At the moment RIDE is only bookable through the app or on the website. This is so we keep our costs as low as possible to pass savings on to our passenger, which means drivers get to keep more of the fare. Don't despair though - we do actually have humans here, in NZ, who are there if you need us - so if there's any issues, reach out via our Contact page or on social media and we will get in touch to sort it!

I have feedback. Where do I send it?

You can send it through the feedback option in the app, or you can send your comments to us at contact@ride.co.nz.